Why keep chickens?

Here are the top five reasons why you should keep chickens

  1. A supply of fresh, free-range eggs, that are yummy - every day. Most “fresh” eggs bought from a supermarket are at least 3 weeks old. Research has also shown that organic, free-range eggs are much lower in cholesterol than eggs that come from intensive production systems.
  2. Chickens are the very best way of instilling a sense of care and responsibility in children. Children also love to collect eggs and doing so helps to connect them with the reality of how food is produced.
  3. Hens are easy pets to look after and often pay for themselves. There is also a chicken breed out there to suit everyone and almost all gardens.
  4. For their entertainment value. Chickens are endlessly fascinating and simply being near them gladdens the heart and lifts the spirit.
  5. Chicken droppings are rich in nitrogen, phosphates and potash and are a great fertilizer for your garden. Don’t, though put them directly on to your flowers, as it will scorch them. Chickens also love to eat slugs.
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