What is a hybrid? – A hybrid chicken is a bird that has been bred mixing different breeds together to produce one that excels at egg laying. They are very hardy, healthy birds. All brown egg laying chickens are based on the Rhode Island Red - All white egg laying chickens are based on the White Leghorn.

  • Rhode Island Red Blacktails – A really friendly ginger hen with black tail feathers - a great layer
  • Blue – A plump grey chicken, which has a gorgeous fluffy bum. She knows she’s pretty and struts like royalty
  • Goldline – Likes company, your traditional red hen, great with children a real character to have in your flock
  • Light Sussex – Black tail and neck markings on a white plump body, a good hen who lays well
  • Magpie – A black and white beauty, lovely in nature, she’s the gothic girl of the flock
  • Silverlink – A cream bird, sometimes with ginger freckles, loves your attention and will trot after you and help when its cleaning time
  • Speckled – Quite a gentle chicken, who lays gorgeous eggs that are sometimes speckled in colour
  • White Leghorn – A pure white chicken, a bit flighty, great busy personality, lays fantastic white eggs and lots of them
  • Blackrock – These hens have a great iridescent sheen on their black feathers and brown chest feathers. A stunning girl whose character is as lovely as her appearance - a very good layer
  • French Maran – Beautiful hens, very similar in appearance to the Blackrock but they are slightly plumper and they lay a lovely dark brown egg

What is a pure breed? - A pure breed chicken is a chicken that is true, meaning the young will always resemble their parents. All pure breeds have their own standards (what the breed is required to look like, i.e. the shape, colour and size), which in the UK are set out by the breed club, which is affiliated to the Poultry Club of Great Britain.

  • Pekins – My favorite small chicken. They walk like Charlie Chaplin and they always makes me smile, with a personality that would suit a lion. If given enough space they will mix well with most other breeds. Expect to have about 120 small eggs a year from them.
  • Polish – Have a big ball of feathers on their head (crests), unusual, quirky characters, great for a small garden and make excellent pets, they are not bad layers either.
  • Millefleur Booted Bantam – I love these hens, they have really gentle characters and are are truly stunning, these are like having walking flowers in your garden.
  • Buff Orpington – These chickens are often featured in magazines and are truly stunning, large birds that are calm and inquisitive in nature. Because of their size they are not flighty. They lay approx. 160 eggs in a season.
  • Salmon Faverolles – A very distinctive hen with a fluffy beard and muffs and five toes! I love them, they are calm and friendly and lay approx. 160 eggs a year.
  • Cream Legbars – These hens are all about their lovely blue eggs. They are lovely in appearance, they are not really bothered about interaction with us humans! But their eggs look fab in the egg basket.


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