Chickens - The essential guide to choosing and keeping happy, healthy hens

Chicken expert Suzie Baldwin has now opened “HOLLYWATER HENS” near Bordon in Hampshire, a smallholding where chickens rule. With over 300 hens roaming around there will certainly be one here to suit you. At Hollywater Hens we have a variety of organically reared hybrid and pure breed chickens for sale as well as turkeys and ducks.

Suzie (formerly of Golden Valley poultry) is a regular columnist for Country Living Magazine and international bestselling author of “Chickens - The essential guide to choosing and keeping happy, healthy, hens”, and recently published “The Smallholders Handbook”. She is also a co-presenter with Countryfile's Jules Hudson in the DVD “The essential guide to keeping chickens”.

The Smallholders Handbook - keeping and caring for poultry and livestock on a small scale

With over 20 years experience keeping poultry we can help and support you on your journey from buying to keeping chickens. We are a family run business where the welfare of our hens is the top priority. We have a fully stocked shop of useful and tried and tested products - feeders, drinkers, wormer, tonic, bedding and of course the odd chicken novelty. We have over 300 chickens for sale and will work with you to find the right hens for you and your garden.


About Us

Suzie Baldwin grew up on a farm in Devon, where from an early age she cared for a menagerie of animals, including chickens, sheep, ducks, horses and even ferrets. She has kept chickens for more than 20 years and has recently moved to her own smallholding on the Surrey / Hampshire border...


Why Hens?
1. A supply of fresh, free-range eggs,
that are yummy - every day.
2. They are the very best way of instilling
a sense of care and responsibility in children.
3. Chickens are easy pets to look after
and often pay for themselves.



What is a hybrid chicken?
What is a pure breed chicken?
Find out all about the differences between hybrid and pure breed chickens and get help to choose the right hens for you...


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