March tips for keeping chickens

  • ADD…two peeled, slightly crushed garlic cloves into chickens’ water to boost immunity
  • CHECK…the coop thoroughly for evidence of red mites – they hide in even the smallest cracks and crevices
  • GROW…salad leaves on windowsills to provide hens with greens year-round
frosted fence

February tips for keeping chickens

  • GROW…wheat on a windowsill or in an airing cupboard – chickens love the sprouted seed
  • TURN…over the ground in fixed runs, apply disinfectant and add fresh bark
  • MAKE…an all round tonic using dried seaweed to promote health, increase egg yield and darken yolk colour
ducks in snow

January tips for keeping chickens

  • Make a scarecrow, spray it with perfume and place it by the run to deter the foxes
  • Boil and mash potato peel, mix with oats, bran and cod liver oil to keep chickens warm
  • Check hens’ vent area for small and straw-coloured lice; if you see them, use louse powder
Winter snow scene

December tips for keeping chickens

  • Place drinkers on a bed of straw and out of prevailing winds to prevent water from freezing
  • Deep-litter the coop in winter by adding fresh straw on top of droppings to generate heat
  • Add some perches to the run, enabling the chickens to rest off the cold floor
Swedish Flower Chickens

October tips for keeping chickens

  • Check coops for leaks and fix stiff hinges or locks before winter
  • Ensure perimeters of runs have no breaks, which predators could penetrate
  • Create a dust bath by filling a plastic box with play sand or dry compost for use when the ground is damp