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Suzie Baldwin grew up on a farm in Devon, where from an early age she cared for a menagerie of animals, including chickens, sheep, ducks, horses and even ferrets. She has kept chickens for more than 20 years and has recently moved to her own smallholding on the Hampshire / Surrey border...



Given by best selling international author of "Chickens" and columnist for Country Living Magazine, the Hollywater Hens chicken keeping course is a great way to gain confidence and knowledge, enabling you to provide your girls with a happy healthy lifestyle....



Suzie has appeared in many magazines and has written several books. In the No. 1 best seller "Chickens", poultry breeder Suzie Baldwin offers a practical guide to everything both the beginner and more experienced hen owner needs to know,...



The Hollywater Hens shop is fully stocked with useful and tried and tested products that we use ourselves, from chicken coops and runs, to feeders, drinkers, wormer, tonic and bedding and of course the odd chicken novelty.



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