Houses and Runs

There is much more available in the Hollywater Hens Shop than we have details for on the web site at the moment but we wanted to show you these great new Chicken Runs and Hen Houses / Chicken Coops

hen house - chicken coop

This is our large walk-in galvanised tubular steel chicken run which is available in several sizes:

All are 2.2m high and come in 6m x 3m, 4m x 4m, 3m x 3m, or 4m x 2m.

They are a simple bolt together design (no special skills or equipment required) that are suitable for all pets as well as your hens/chickens/ducks.

The large strong door allows very easy access for humans yet no gaps that might allow a fox to get in. The mesh itself is heavy duty and PVC coated. There is also a covered section (canopy included) that provides essential shade.

chicken coop

Chicken Run

Here is an example of one of our wooden hen houses – these ones are 108cm high, 107cm deep and 125cm wide (including 34cm for the nest box)

Hen House

Hen House  Hen House



And here is an example of one of our smaller wooden hen houses

small wooden hen house


small wooden hen house

These particular wooden hen houses are 100cm wide by 97cm deep by 96cm high at the front and 85cm high at the back


Come and visit us and see the other hen keeping equipment in our Hollywater Hens shop