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Easter Opening

Spring is here and Hollywater Hens has extended opening hours this Bank Holiday Easter weekend:

Friday 25th March - Good Friday - 10am-4pm

Saturday 26th March10am-4pm

Sunday 27th March - Easter Sunday10am-4pm

Monday 28th march10am-4pm

Come and visit our Hollywater Hens smallholding near Borden on the Hampshire/Surrey border.

Come and see the chickens and all of the other animals we have on the smallholding

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white birds 300


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The Hollywater Hens shop will be open for all of the equipment you need including our new hen house and run range or just stop by to have a chat and get some advice.

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Some of our 5* Facebook reviews

I brought my first 4 chickens today., everyone was so friendly and gave us lots of advise.. loved being there and seeing all the girls..will definitely go back for more.. or even just a chat and to see the girls again .Thanks guys x - Tina Brown

We bought our first chickens from here - what a wonderful place. Suzie is very patient and helpful and it's such a lovely setup. Not only do you get happy, healthy hens but service and advice too. Would highly recommend. - Kim Brewin

Fantastically helpful, beautiful birds and always made to feel welcome. Back for a third visit to pick up our girls soonLee Joanne Turk

Had a lovely morning with my daughter looking at all the livestock. Nothing was too much trouble and loads of helpfull advice. We came home with 5 lovely girls who seem to be settling in well, just sad I don't have more room as I would have loved to have more especially the turkeys - Sian Mears

We brought our two lovely girls home today. Suzie was more than helpful in helping us decide on how many hens would be right for us and was more than happy to show us around. Couldn't recommend highly enough! - Susie Harris

Such a fantastic place with lots of choice in healthy, happy birds. Always given expert advise and will always return for more chickens in the future!! - Catherine Davis

Suzie was very informative and helpful (also patient) when we went to choose our hens! We know that if we have any problems we can go back for further advice! A great place to buy hens! - Alison Hill

Excellent advice from Suzie and 3 lovely hens who are now giving us an egg each per day after only a couple of weeks!! - Clare Cotterell

Friendly, genuine and experienced advice full of passion and honesty. - Judy Wigg


Merrist Wood College with their certificates of achievement and new Smallholders book

Chicken Keeping Course Dates

Chicken expert Suzie Baldwin will be running her highly rated Chicken Keeping Courses on the following Sundays:

  • March 13th
  • April 3rd
  • April 17th
  • May 1st

Beginners chicken courses take place from 10:00–12:30 at our smallholding on the Surrey / Hampshire border. The cost of the course is £40 and includes sandwiches (egg – would you believe!), cake and tea/coffee or juice. Please contact us for more details and further information and to book your place.  Places may be limited so that we can provide a more personal course for you or we can run it for your family group.

“Fantastic course at Hollywater hens today. Suzie Baldwin is hugely knowledgeable and a real confidence giver. Can’t wait to get my girls.”Helen Ellis via our Facebook page

The Hollywater Hens’ Beginners Chicken Course includes:

  • Setting up
  • Chicken breeds
  • Feeding chickens
  • Handling chickens
  • Common chicken health problems
  • How to handle your hens
  • Wing clipping
  • Questions and answer session with fresh sandwiches, cake and tea or coffee.

“A fantastic few hours learning from the Jedi Chicken Master herself Suzie Baldwin. We decided to take the course before we move to France in April and do this all by ourselves. Suzie couldn’t have been more helpful if she tried!! Fantastic course, great lady, great setup highly recommended to all!!!” – Andy MacPherson via our Facebook page

The beginners chicken course is a great way to gain confidence and knowledge enabling you to provide your hens with a happy healthy lifestyle.

Also they are a great way to meet like minded people.
Old clothes and wellington boots are advisable as this is a fun, hands-on practical course.


Telephone or email for more details and to book your place:

telephone contact details for Hollywater Hens  01428 751749

email contact details for Hollywater Hens  suzie@hollywaterhens.co.uk


White Hen pecking at grass

Expanded Chicken Breed pages

We are working on providing more information on various chicken breeds and have added some more chicken breed pages on the following birds:

You can click on the links above or on the Breeds page or find these pages in "About Hens" > "Breeds" in the menu at the top of every page.


Please note that Suzie Baldwin is the chicken expert and any errors in the compiled breed information are down to the website developer rather than Suzie who will be along shortly to make any changes and corrections. All image attributions are given on the individual breed page rather than the above thumbnails.

black chicken

Keeping Chickens – February tips

A Hen keeper for more than 20 years with a 300-strong flock on her Surrey / Hampshire smallholding, chicken expert Suzie Baldwin offers her advice for looking after your chickens during February.

There is something about February that gives me a real spring in my step. Maybe its the increase in daylight or seeing the amorous courtships around the small holding. There is much dancing and preening, not to mention the deafening vocal sparring between all the cockerels as they compete for mates. Egg production has picked up, so I’m able to set my incubators to hatch chicks. A few hens have gone broody in the nesting boxes and, if successful, may raise some young the natural way, too. The geese will start laying again soon – and you cant beat an omelet made with their offerings. Apart from observing my flocks’ daily antics, one of the most enjoyable jobs is collecting their freshly laid eggs on chilly mornings – it still feels utterly magical. Feeding your hens high-quality “layers’ pellets” (fancy feed do a great high quality range that we stock in our Hollywater Hens shop) for their main diet is essential to keep them healthy and ensure they produce excellent eggs. Reserve treats for the afternoons – by which time they will have eaten some feed – as, like us, chickens favor them over the healthy option. Refreshing their drinkers daily is key, too, not only for their wellbeing – if your girls dehydrate, they may go into moult and it could affect their laying ability – but also for the goodness of their eggs, as they’re composed of 70 percent water.

  • GROW…wheat on a windowsill or in an airing cupboard – chickens love the sprouted seed
  • TURN…over the ground in fixed runs, apply disinfectant and add fresh bark
  • MAKE…an all round tonic using dried seaweed to promote health, increase egg yield and darken yolk colour

Click here for details of Suzie Baldwin’s hen keeping courses at Hollywater Hens, and have a look at some more of Suzie’s tips for keeping chickens

Snowy Winter scene

Keeping chickens – January tips

A hen keeper for more than 20 years with a 300 strong flock on her Hampshire / Surrey smallholding, chicken expert Suzie Baldwin from Hollywater Hens offers her advice and January tips for keeping chickens:

My ever-reliable hybrids have so far provided a continuous supply of eggs. All the animals on the farm are eagerly watching their feed buckets for afternoon meals - it takes a lot of willpower not to give it to them earlier. The turkeys are back to normal, strutting their stuff around the yard; Christmas is over and they know they’re safe. January is always a long month of dull cold weather, so I like to cheer up my chickens with activities. A simple perch, made from a branch with some rope at either end, hung in the run, will amuse them. Drill holes in logs and fill them with mealworms, peanut butter or boiled rice – they enjoy pecking the food out. Or pierce the base of a pot of live natural yogurt, which also helps their digestive systems, mirrors placed around the run will intrigue your flock, while baby toys (check they don’t have parts the birds can swallow) create interest and can be bought from charity shops. Hanging up a bunch of greens at jumping height will ensure your hens move around, boosting their circulation while providing vitamins and minerals.

Click here for details of Suzie Baldwin's hen keeping courses at Hollywater Hens, and have a look at some more of Suzie's tips for keeping chickens

snowman and donkey

Keeping chickens – December tips

A hen keeper for more than 20 years with a 300 strong flock on her Hampshire / Surrey smallholding, chicken expert Suzie Baldwin from Hollywater Hens offers her advice and December tips for keeping chickens:

This month, egg production is still really good in the hybrid barn, so I'm making lots of homemade puddings - great comfort food after a long day in the cold.

Spending a few minutes observing your chickens is essential in winter, as it is a trying time for them. Any behavioural changes could indicate illness, boredom or stress: all of which can easily be dealt with if caught early, but problems can quickly worsen if ignored. Hens really appreciate an afternoon feed of corn (combine with rolled oats and just enough cod liver oil - a good all-round tonic - to coat the mixture) for an energy boost, which will help them through the long chilly nights.

Sorting all my pure breeds for next year. This involves choosing those of either sex that best fits the features required by the breed standard - from leg colour to weight and size - and putting them in the pen where I can see them to ensure they're in tip-top condition. I've picked out some gorgeous Salmon Faverolles, Pekins and Buff Orpingtons, which will produce wonderful offspring next year.

Click here for details of Suzie Baldwin's hen keeping courses at Hollywater Hens, and have a look at some more of Suzie's tips for keeping chickens

Suzie Baldwin writes in BBC Countryfile magazine

Suzie Baldwin Talks Turkey in BBC Countryfile Magazine

Talking Turkey

Look out for the December issue of BBC Countryfile magazine where Hollywater Hens’ poultry expert Suzie Baldwin contributes to an article all about turkeys.

Suzie Baldwin writes in BBC Countryfile magazine

“Why are turkeys called turkeys?”

The firs time Europeans saw turkeys – in North America – they believed the birds must be related to guinea fowl. As guinea fowl were thought to originate in Turkey, their larger American ‘cousins’ were given that name.

Poultry expert Suzie Baldwin writes in BBC Countryfile magazine

Poultry expert Suzie Baldwin writes in BBC Countryfile magazine








The article “Turkey: A Natural History” tells you everything you never knew about the Christmas bird.

chickens in coop

Keeping chickens – November tips

A hen keeper for more than 20 years with a 300 strong flock on her Hampshire / Surrey smallholding, chicken expert Suzie Baldwin from Hollywater Hens offers her advice and November tips for keeping chickens:

The trees are almost bare of leaves, there's a nip in the air and fireworks are pervading the night skies. It must be November! This can be a trying time for the girls. Rosie, a very independent, headstrong Pekin Bantam, who's generally last to bed, is firmly tucked up before dusk, while the usually contented and mellow Buff Orpingtons are being rather tetchy with each other - disturbed nights really don't suit them! In recent years, firework displays seem to be more frequent, causing problems for some chickens. They are sensitive creatures and susceptible to stress, which affects their behaviour, Iowers their immunity 
and reduces egg production.

Dried lavender, either sprinkled on their bedding or placed in bags and pinned inside the coop, helps them to relax. You can also use homeopathic treatments such as phosphorous, or Bach Rescue Remedy - these anxiety-relieving solutions seem to work almost instantly (both products are available from most good health-food shops). Covering the coop with blankets
 can muffle the outside noise (take care
 not to block ventilation holes) and
 extra bedding will help them feel secure. During the day, I place crushed garlic
 cloves in filled drinkers - it boosts the
 girls' natural defences without altering 
the taste of their eggs

Click here for details of Suzie Baldwin's hen keeping courses at Hollywater Hens, and have a look at some more of Suzie's tips for keeping chickens


Winter opening times at Hollywater Hens

With Winter closing in now, Hollywater Hens will be moving to our Winter opening hours after this weekend.
We will remain open at weekends from 10am to 4pm but will be closed on weekdays apart from Friday (by appointment only please)
Monday to Thursday – Closed
Friday – by appointment
Saturday and Sunday – 10am to 4pm