Latest Bird Flu Advice

It has been 12 weeks since governments in England, Scotland and Wales ordered poultry keepers to protect their birds from a highly-infectious strain of avian flu in Europe.
The emergency measures are now being scaled back and chickens can go outside in some areas.

From tomorrow (28 February 2017) new Avian Influenza Prevention Zones come into force in England, Scotland and Wales.
Poultry keepers must continue to follow enhanced biosecurity measures to minimise the risk of infection from wild birds.


Check the interactive map to see which prevention zone you are in and see the following links for more details of what is required in each zone:

More information about arrangements in England is available at:

More information about arrangements in Scotland is available at:

More information about arrangements in Wales is available at:…/environmentcountr…/ahw/disease/avianflu/….


In this video the Chief Vet, Nigel Gibbens, gives advice to people with backyard flocks on what they should look out for and how to keep their birds safe during the current Bird Flu alerts.