Chicken Sculpture at The Savill Garden

Sculpture in The Savill Garden – including a very nice hen

Chicken Sculpture at The Savill Garden


Visitors to The Savill Garden in Windsor Great Park will be able to explore and enjoy a display of imaginative and innovative sculpture, forming an exciting trail which leads around the Garden. The sculptures are inspired by the natural world. All pieces are available to purchase and standard Savill Garden entry fees apply.

Chicken Sculpture




While being very careful to blur the price off this sculpture - it was quite expensive! - another visitor to the Sculpture Trail did say with all sincerity "She's being very still for you to take your picture".

water feature

pig sculpture






sculpture and flowers

strawberry chicken

Strawberry Chicken

Which came first, the chicken or the strawberry?

strawberry chicken

A Scottish farmer has posted a picture of a strawberry shaped like a chicken. Reuben and April Welch from Grove Farm in Bonnyrigg, near Edinburgh, found the strawberry while harvesting their plants for the Summer. When turned upside down the hull or green top part looks like a nest and a small portion of leaf was attached to look just like a little beak.

The original comment posted on Facebook was:

Going to have to eat this chicken as it hasn’t laid a single bloody egg yet.

The strawchicken has become an internet celebrity with the post going viral across social media and the printed media have now also followed up on the story.

strawberry chicken


What sound does a duck make?

According to Oxford Dictionaries (part of the Oxford University Press) the noises that animals make is different depending on where they are from:

The onomatopoeias used to describe the sound produced by a rooster are comparatively different. In English we would say ‘cock a doodle doo’ (which quite frankly sounds more melodic than any sound a rooster could ever produce). For once, the Germans use a word that is shorter than in English, ‘kikeriki’. A French rooster says ‘cocorico’ and an Arabic-speaking one will sound something like ‘kuku-kookoo’. Whereas the vowels differ in these examples, all of them contain a plosive (/k/). Once again, this is the quality of the sound produced by a rooster translated into human speech: loud and piercing. Another example where this is the case is the different onomatopoeias for the sound of a duck: ‘quack’ in English, ‘coin coin’ in French, ‘cua cua’ in Spanish.

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Abs on the Farm - checking chickens

Country Strife: Abz on the Farm

Abs on the Farm - Abs holding chicken

Swapping city life for the good life on a smallholding

Possibly one to watch...

In a brand new series for BBC Two, Country Strife: Abz On The Farm, former pop-star (5ive) and Big Brother contestant Abz Love will swap the luxuries of his life in the city for the good life, as he and his partner Vicky leave the music business behind them and head to rural Wales to live off the land. Watch as the two novice farmers set about buying and renovating their very own smallholding.

Abz and Vicky are determined to realise their dream of self-sufficiency, but with plans bigger than their pockets and very limited farming know-how, will their ambitions and enthusiasm withstand the harsh reality of living off-grid?

Abz says: 

"Moving to Wales was a complete shock to the system - the house, the chickens, the horses, the foxes, the cats, the splinters, the leaks, the grass, the gates, the fence, the rain. This being said, I have met some wonderful people with beautiful insights - I currently love my life."

Abs on the Farm - checking chickens


Head of Natural History and Specialist Factual Formats Commissioning, Tom McDonald says “Country Strife is a warm, engaging series following a charming, open-hearted couple try to live the good life against all odds – with no knowledge of country life, very limited funds and a series of increasingly outlandish ambitions & plans, Abz and Vicky are in for an often hilarious reality check as they touch down in rural Wales. Through their eyes, the BBC Two audience will get a real sense of what it really takes to make a go of the countryside dream.”

Three half-hour episodes will air on BBC Two later in 2015 (possibly July).