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Bank Holiday Monday Opening and Extra Chicken Keeping Courses

Open Bank Holiday Monday

Hollywater Hens has extended opening hours this Bank Holiday weekend and the weather is mostly looking dry and sunny 🙂

Saturday 30th April - 10am-4pm

Sunday 1st May - 10am-4pm

Monday 2nd May - 10am-4pm

Come and visit our Hollywater Hens smallholding near Borden on the Hampshire/Surrey border.

Come and see the chickens and all of the other animals we have on the smallholding

brown bird 300

white birds 300


lamb 2


The Hollywater Hens shop will be open for all of the equipment you need including our new hen house and run range or just stop by to have a chat and get some advice.

lambs in front of the Hollywater Hens shop



We also have some extra places available on our Chicken Keeping Course running this Sunday Morning - May 1st - See our Courses page for more details.

Merrist Wood College with their certificates of achievement and new Smallholders book

And we are now taking bookings for the following dates too:

Sunday 8th May

Sunday 22nd May

Beginners chicken keeping courses take place from 10:00–12:30. The cost of the course is £40 and includes sandwiches (egg – would you believe!), cake and tea/coffee or juice. Please contact us for more details and further information and to book your place.

“Fantastic course at Hollywater hens today. Suzie Baldwin is hugely knowledgeable and a real confidence giver. Can’t wait to get my girls.” – Helen Ellis via our Facebook page

The Hollywater Hens’ Beginners Chicken Course includes:

  • Setting up
  • Chicken breeds
  • Feeding chickens
  • Handling chickens
  • Common chicken health problems
  • How to handle your hens
  • Wing clipping
  • Questions and answer session with fresh sandwiches, cake and tea or coffee.

“A fantastic few hours learning from the Jedi Chicken Master herself Suzie Baldwin. We decided to take the course before we move to France in April and do this all by ourselves. Suzie couldn’t have been more helpful if she tried!! Fantastic course, great lady, great setup highly recommended to all!!!” – Andy MacPherson via our Facebook page

Holding a baby chick

The beginners chicken keeping course is a great way to gain confidence and knowledge enabling you to provide your hens with a happy healthy lifestyle.

Also they are a great way to meet like minded people.
Old clothes and wellington boots are advisable as this is a fun, hands-on practical course.


Telephone or email for more details and to book your place:

telephone contact details for Hollywater Hens07810 660817 or 01428 751749

email contact details for Hollywater Hens  suzie@hollywaterhens.co.uk


Suzie on TV

Chicken expert Suzie Baldwin from Hollywater Hens appeared on Channel 5’s The Saturday Show on Easter Saturday 26th March.

Suzie talks with Gabby Roslin and Spandau Ballet’s Tony Hadley about how easy it is to start keeping your own chickens, discusses some breeds and looks at what you need from a chicken coop. They move on to discuss selling eggs from your garden gate and then show some newly hatched day old chicks.


Hen breeder takes to the small screen

Suzie Baldwin and her family at Hollywater Hens appeared on the front page of the Bordon Herald under the headline “Happy Days at Hollywater Hens” on 15th April 2016.

Happy Days at Hollywater Hens

This was a follow up in the local press to Suzie appearing on Channel 5’s The Saturday Show on Easter Saturday.

It was great fun” said Suzie, a columnist for Country Living magazine. “I just wish it was me on Tony Hadley’s lap and not the chicken. I was clean for the day and treated like royalty.

Read the full story in the Bordon Herald

Suzie’s television appearance followed another celebrity encounter last year, when television presenter Phil Spencer visited Hollywater Hens and bought six chickens.

Phili Spencer with Suzie Baldwin's new book

Hen Keeping Tips for April

  • When buying chickens look for bright eyes, clean nostrils, smooth legs and glossy feathers.
  • Sow sunflower seeds for your girls to enjoy eating as a treat later in the year.
  • Hang up old CDs in the run the shiny reflective will amuse the flock and scare wild birds away from the pen.